Daughter, Your Faith has Healed You: Belonging and Inclusion in the Gospel of Mark

I would love to share a recent sermon on Mark 5:21-33. This passage helped me discern my call to ministry- and I love to think about the strength and persistence of the woman who reached out to touch the fringe of Jesus’ cloak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DdkcwfsLoQ&t=998s (min 16:00)

We are So Glad to See You!

I love mosaics. I like the rustic ones made out of broken pottery or bottle caps, and the intricate ones made of hand-painted tiles. I like the mosaics that elementary kids make where each person in the class draws a different part of the picture. I like the striking ones that catch the sun onContinue reading “We are So Glad to See You!”

3 Universal Design Ideas to Welcome People with (and without) Disabilities to Your Faith Community

Whether you use a wheelchair, a walker, or a stroller, or if you have ever had to move something heavy, we can all sing the praises of the architects who invented universal design. Every time we use a curb cut, a ramp instead of stairs, or the push button on a door we see thatContinue reading “3 Universal Design Ideas to Welcome People with (and without) Disabilities to Your Faith Community”

Worship Guide

Looking for a simple, universal way to support EVERYONE in worship? look no further than this PDF Worship Guide. With simple icons and easy to understand directions, this guide will help everyone belong in worship. You can also check out a sample bulletin here: https://faithinclusion.com/2022/01/05/illustrated-bulletin/.

8 Tips to Make Camp More Inclusive this Summer

For many of us growing up in faith communities, summer faith formation focused around one week of day camp- dubbed Vacation Bible School, we made terrariums, sang “Father Abraham” and the highlight? Pelting the cool youth pastor with water balloons! Vacation Bible School is still a tradition for many of our communities- and whether youContinue reading “8 Tips to Make Camp More Inclusive this Summer”