We are So Glad to See You!

I love mosaics. I like the rustic ones made out of broken pottery or bottle caps, and the intricate ones made of hand-painted tiles. I like the mosaics that elementary kids make where each person in the class draws a different part of the picture. I like the striking ones that catch the sun on the sides of buildings- and on highway overpasses- huge and full of story. Mosaics like this help me to understand how God created us all. In Genesis, it says, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” (NRSV). 

Theologians explain to us that being created in the image of God (imago Dei) means a lot of things about us- but that it also means a lot of things about God. They argue that if we can really understand the reflections, that we can start to understand what is reflected- that we can better understand God. (Aquinas)

When I think about faith inclusion, this idea is really important to me. It helps me to remember why it’s so important to have the conversations, to invite, and to listen. This passage makes me so grateful to every single person who takes a risk and walks into the doors of our churches, hoping to feel welcome- for every parent who’s willing to talk to a Sunday School teacher- to ask for a peanut free environment, for every teenager whose willing to stand up, to share the truth of God with us. Thank you- thank you all for showing up- for putting in the effort, and for helping me see God more clearly, more beautifully- because the mosaic wasn’t complete until you got here.

Published by Deborah Huggins, MDiv, PhD

I'm blessed to serve as associate pastor of youth and children at Central Presbyterian church in Summit New Jersey where I get to support families as we find connection to God and our community. My doctorate is in Special education, with a focus in faith inclusion.

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