This is a list of some of the work I have published on the Inclusion of people with disabilities in communities of faith.

Link shows multi-colored umbrellas against a blue sky.

You can link to the Outlook Article introducing the Disability Inclusion Toolkit here:

The Rev. Deborah Huggins is pictured with some of the children she serves as associate pastor of youth and children at Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, New Jersey. (Contributed photo)

Presbyterian News Service’s article introducing the Disability Inclusion Toolkit:

Photo shows a mosaic of flowers in stone tiles- orange, brown and green.

Here’s a link to “5 Tips to Rethink the Strengths and Gifts of Youth with Disabilities.” a Blog post at Fuller Youth Institute on Youth and Disability:

Picture shows man lighting a red candle.

Check out the Disability Inclusion Toolkit here:

Speaking Words that Welcome: Language, Messages and Communication (with visual cues)

Creating Sacred Space for All: Physical Access, Accommodations and Supports

Being the Body of Christ for One Another: Social Access

Guiding with Intentionality; Polices, Forms and Planning

 Faith Communities and Inclusion of Persons of All Abilities Resource Roadmap,

My dissertation: Disability and Belonging in one Intentionally Inclusive Christian Faith Community

Visual Schedule from Growing in Grace and Gratitude:

Disability Support Map as part of Growing in Grace and Gratitude:

Ideas! For Church Educators article on faith inclusion. Page two:

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