5 tips to rethink the strengths and gifts of youth with disabilities in your ministry

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Recently I guest authored a blog for Fuller Youth Institute about youth ministry and disability. You can check it out here!

Twenty-six percent of Americans have an identified disability—it’s the biggest minority group in our country.

We all have teenagers in our youth programs who receive supports and services for disabilities. Figuring out the best ways to include these amazing young people in our programs, to help them connect with peers and friends, and to share their gifts and strengths with the church is part of the joy and challenge of youth ministry. When we work with a team, communicate with people with disabilities and their support network, and take a strengths-based approach, we find that God has even more amazing plans for our ministry with youth with disabilities than we could have imagined!

Click to Continue reading at the Fuller Youth Institute Blog

Published by Deborah Huggins, MDiv, PhD

I'm blessed to serve as associate pastor of youth and children at Central Presbyterian church in Summit New Jersey where I get to support families as we find connection to God and our community. My doctorate is in Special education, with a focus in faith inclusion.

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